What is a HydroGrid® Sub-Surface Irrigation  Court?  Since the first HydroGrid® was first installed in 1991, nearly 2,000 HydroGrid® tennis courts exist around the World. No other patented subsurface irrigation system can make this claim! It is a self-regulating irrigation system that waters the court from below bringing watering precision to the playing surface and maximizing the playing pleasure of fast-dry courts. This is accomplished by providing a controlled homogenous moisture level of the base material through the entire court. Every HydroGrid® is installed using a FULL six inches of base material, tested by an independent testing laboratory which allows the appropriate amount of water from the base material to the clay surface through capillary action without the need for pressurized lines beneath the tennis court surface.

Each court is constructed with six, fully lined, individually controlled cells. Each cell is monitored by a water control box allowing adjustments to be fine tuned to player preferences. Increasing the water in the control boxes increases the water level in the court thereby slowing the bounce of the ball while also decreasing the impact on the players joints.  A wetter court encourages a slower ball speed and longer rallies. A drier court encourages faster play.  Once the appropriate water level is achieved a float valve and an overflow pipe inside the control box keep the water level constant. It’s that simple!

The HydroGrid® technology has forever eliminated the need for inefficient and antiquated watering systems. No ancillary or back-up watering systems are required.  No sprinkler interruption of play time which equates to less down time!

Our ‘State of the Art’ Court Lighting Features:

The LSI Courtsider XL Lighting System.  The Courtsider XL,  a sharp cutoff luminaire, is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of tennis court lighting for recreational and tournament play. This luminaire’s Forward Throw reflector system is specifically designed for perimeter lighting applications and projects light only onto the court area, avoiding glare and eliminating stray light, producing a sharp backside cutoff.

  • The Fixture mounting height: At a mounting height of 22-25 feet, the Courtsider XL effectively distributes the proper amount of light to surrounding areas. This low mounting height also creates less of a shadow during daytime play hours.
  • The Courtsider XL utilizes a 1000 watt Metal Halide lamp and has a clear flat tempered glass lens providing superior court lighting.

OUR COURTS:  We offer extended play on four (4) superior lighted soft clay courts utilizing the best surface available in West Georgia – soft, never dry Har-Tru HydroGrid® Sub-Surface Irrigation Clay Courts!

  • Courts are groomed daily and rolled dry.
  • Shade for players available on all courts.
  • Brooms and line brushes  available to sweep court if not fresh.
  • Windscreens utilized on all courts.
  • Deck seating for spectators provided.

Benefits of Playing Tennis on Soft Clay Courts:

  • 88% of the world’s top ten tennis players grew up playing on clay courts
  • It develops essential core footwork and balance that other surfaces don’t teach (slide,touch)
  • It develops use of an all court game
  • Slower play teaches players how to construct points better
  • It enhances players endurance levels due to longer points
  • Players are seven (7) times less likely to be injured
  • COOLER COURTS! The playing surface can be twenty percent cooler (or more) compared to hard courts. Playing on a cooler court in hotter climates greatly adds to the comfort of the players.
  • Players are able to play more every day without being sore the next day requiring less recovery time
  • Our clay courts are the only courts in West Georgia where you cancontinue to play tennis during light rain and play immediately after it rains!  Never need to wait for courts to dry!
  • It provides better probability of playing into later life thus allowing you to live happier

What is HAR-TRU®?  It is made from billion year old, Pre-Cambrian metabasalt found in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It is a natural green stone which is extremely hard and angular, two very important qualities when it comes to tennis court construction. The angularity helps the stone particles lock together to form a stable playing surface. The hardness means exceptional durability. The natural green color is classically clay and instantly recognizable. The stone is crushed, screened and mixed in the precise proportions necessary to produce a stable playing surface. It is then installed over a porous base of crushed stone aggregate to produce the final product.